Good News for Producers

By Babacar on Dec 28, 2015 in Uncategorized - 1 Comment

Good news for us music producers! Did you hear about how 2015 was the year of the Producer? According to Slate magazine producers have become more recognized this year in the pop world, almost becoming more famous and well known than the singers. This is so important and of course our work should be recognized! We are like the backbone, and no one going to be able to walk without a backbone! You can have great lyrics but nobody is going to dance if there isn’t a hot beat to move to, same goes for if there are BAD lyrics! Nobody is going to care if its a hot beat, they just dance to the beat and ignore the words…

I’m not saying lyrics aren’t important, of course they are, but I think a good and well produced BEAT makes ALL the difference.

About time producers be recognized, people should know the names behind their favorite songs!