Balancing time/making a schedule

By Babacar on May 16, 2016 in Uncategorized - 2 Comments

If you re a starter producer, as in its not your main profession/not paying your bills it is important to try to make yourself a schedule to make sure you get in enough and are able to create and advance…

I work two other jobs, am just finishing up school and have a family…so if I ever want to get anything done in the studio I need to sit down and make a plan…what days and times will I be working, when will be studio time and be able to have a day off with family and for rest.

It is important to make that studio time a time when you wont be rushed or distracted either so you can focus on making your best work.

Black Friday-Upgrade your Studio

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As I said in my blog about what you need to build your own studio, start out with some cheaper maybe used items and as you go keep slowly upgrading…Black Friday’s a great time to take advantage of some of those upgrades!!! Nothing is better for a deal than studio gear! This means better quality music! Better business.

My Beatmaking Process

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I start my beats by just laying out a melody I like to guide me through to the rhythm.

I take that melody and add some layers, high hat, and close hit. I put on the kick and add a second melody for contrast. Then add snare.

I start mixing the track, EQ, compression, automation, etc.

Mix, master and finish it up by exporting it. I like to export a mastered and unmastered version. The one that is mastered is for showcasing and the unmastered version is for purchases of the beat.


Most importantly, I feel it. It’s all in the feeling, I feel the music and let it build from there.