Beatmaking Tips

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Beatmaking Hustle

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Making beats, you got to hustle hard. There’s so much competition out there…and you can either make TONS of money OR be BROKE!!! You have to work hard. Make new beats like every day, upload your beats to beat stores and your own website, as many places as possible, blog, stay consistent on social media, promote! Get those beats HEARD!

I’m never give up, I’m keep hustling. This is what I love.

My Beatmaking Process

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I start my beats by just laying out a melody I like to guide me through to the rhythm.

I take that melody and add some layers, high hat, and close hit. I put on the kick and add a second melody for contrast. Then add snare.

I start mixing the track, EQ, compression, automation, etc.

Mix, master and finish it up by exporting it. I like to export a mastered and unmastered version. The one that is mastered is for showcasing and the unmastered version is for purchases of the beat.


Most importantly, I feel it. It’s all in the feeling, I feel the music and let it build from there.

What you need to build your own affordable home studio.

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Building your own home studio doesn’t have to be as expensive and difficult as it seems. If you don’t have a lot of money to invest or a lot of time or space… You can keep it simple and affordable with just these few things…


Apple Computer- Which most people already have these days…Macbook Pro is best for being able to take it on the go and the bigger the screen the better!


Your favorite music making software- could be Logic, Pro Tools, Reason, Ableton…my personal favorite is Logic!


Mbox- I use M-Audio.


Monitor speakers- KRK Rokits are a popular choice.


Midi control, I use M-audio for this too.


Recording Headphones


A mic with mic stand if you will be doing recording.


Remember all of these things can be purchased second hand in great condition, no need to spend double the money to buy brand new! So many people are selling their equipment almost brand new for not even half the price of what it is new! Just look around in local music trade stores, ebay, craigslist, amazon! Good deals are out there!

And as you go, you keep upgrading! Make your dreams come true!