Why Pay For Beats?

By Babacar on Jan 25, 2016 in Uncategorized - 1 Comment

Pay $20, make $1000!

Most producers sell leases to their beats for $20-40, is that really too much?

OK, for example, let’s say you buy a lease to one beat for $20… Leases always contain at least 1,000 distribution limit. That means that you can sell your song 1,000 times and you get ALL the money! Usually one song online costs a dollar so you really only need to sell 20 copies of the song to get your money back. SO, if you know how to advertise your music and sell it, you can make a huge profit. You don’t need many songs to get known, you need just that ONE HIT! Basically you just need to invest $20 on that hit beat and make your song to reach that great exposure and profit.

Same and MORE with Exclusives. If you buy a beat exclusively, yes it’s more expensive BUT you get the beat totally to yourself and no one will ever be able to use the same beat again, you “own” it!!! But that’s not the best thing. When you have exclusives rights to the beat you can sell unlimited copies of the song, that means unlimited profit potential! Think about it, pay $500, get the beat totally to yourself and sell it 100,000 copies. Can you even count how many times you just got your money back?

Download free beats, lose a hit and the potential to make $$$

Let’s say that you have downloaded a random beat online, you make a great song to it which gets popular and you want to release and sell the song on iTunes. You go to the place you downloaded it from and notice that the beat has been sold. The beat has been sold exclusively and you cannot buy it anymore whatsoever because the person who bought it now “owns” it. This means, forget about the song you did to it which could have been a hit. Just because you didn’t buy a lease or any other rights to the beat when you heard it, you now will miss out on making $$$ off it. If you DO start selling the song without a lease or any license, you will most likely face criminal punishment, ending up COSTING you way more $$$.

Not to mention quality! Even if you can get untagged beats no one is giving away high quality WAV files for free which are always needed when working on music. At least when you want to get high quality music done with good and clear mixes…