Mr. Carmack

New Year Reorganization

By Babacar on Jan 11, 2016 in Uncategorized - 0 Comments

I pulled this out of an interview with Mr.Carmack…

“One of your last tweets for 2015 was “Reorganization can be a stem to inspiration.” What is that about?”

“I don’t mean complete reinvention. I just completely overhauled the bulk of my music and my computer, pretty nerdy stuff but very necessary. You need to have a moment to re-evaluate everything that you have, the things that you need or things that you don’t need, things that are necessary or taking up space. It’s kind of like cleaning your room you know. Except for me it took a week. I had so much music on my computer, so much music.”


I have been planning to do this recently in the new year…my computer is SO cluttered with so much music, I really feel like a little organization, a clear plate, will really allow for more great work and inspiration! Not to mention allow the computer to run better and have more space for new work…