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Getting heard as a beginner producer

By Babacar on Feb 01, 2016 in Uncategorized - 0 Comments

It is really hard when just starting out and nobody knows you yet, to get your music heard! Social media is a huge helpful tool these days. Obviously, to be on more social media platforms is helpful, and to be consistent and share…but recently I have discovered that joining GROUPS and sharing within these groups helps give more results. Join groups of people with similar interests/style. Ex: You make hip hop beats, so you join a Hip Hop Lovers group and share what you have…its like FREE targeted promotion because these groups are THE people interested in what you’ve got!

Joining groups seems most effective on soundcloud…

ALSO don’t forget to check out what OTHERS have too!!! What goes around, comes around! Share the love. If you are active in checking them out and giving them credit they will be more willing to return the favor!!!